South Park Crescent


Project Info:

This is our 5th development with Mentmore homes after completing 4 previous large homes each with Ground Source Heat Pumps, Underfloor heating, Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery and with some rooms being Air conditioned via the coolant from the ground collector attached to the boreholes.

2 x 19kw Vaillant Ground Source Heat Pump
Under-floor heating throughout
Constant Domestic hot water
Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery
Whole house Background Comfort Cooling
Chilled Ceilings to maintain room temperatures
10Kw Solar PV array on the roof
Driveway heating to keep it free from icing up in winter
Each apartment has its own Climate Control system

Nick of Mentmore Homes now fully recognises how these technologies can benefit his customers by offering them his own unique environmentally friendly homes and apartments that embrace these green integrated technologies. So Be Green was appointed to design and install a complete system into his most ambitious development yet, six new apartments in Gerrards Cross, Bucks with a complete sustainable heating and cooling package.

Our remit was to design, install and commission a Heating and cooling Climate Control system that would be very simple to use in these new apartments. We designed a package that will significantly reduce the heating & cooling bills, carbon footprint along with the impact on the environment.

By taking the time to understand what and how Be Green do things, Nick has clearly found something that his customers really want as all the apartments have been sold 6 months prior to completion.

The whole system has only three 140 x meter deep boreholes to run the Heat Pumps. This is because as well as the boreholes there is also a recharge coil installed that is designed to collect all the waste heat that is extracted from the MVHR’s installed in each apartment. This waste heat is continually used to contribute to recharging the boreholes during the winter months ensuring they do not get too cold.

In spring and summer the recharge coil is turned off so the cold store around the boreholes can now be used to cool all the apartments via the comfort cooling and the Chilled Ceilings. So we can offer a complete cooling Climate Control system that cost absolutely nothing to run all summer.

Part of the request of Mentmore Homes was that the whole system would be very easy to use. As each apartment has a Climate Control system installed for heating and cooling all any of occupants has to do is set the temperature in that room that they want. The system has been designed to then keep that room at that set temperature no matter what the weather is outside, so whether its 30° or -5° the room temperature does not change. And this is all controlled via a simple dial thermostat (not digital) in each room.

Technology Used in Project: