How do you get the energy out of the ground?
Instead of energy we really mean heat. A heat pump is just a big fridge in reverse, when a fridge cools down the by-product is heat, so when a heat pump heats up the by-product is cool. When the heat pump is running, the fluid leaving the heat pump is approximately 0?. The natural warmth of the ground will then re-heat this fluid and when it returns back to the heat pump it is at approximately 4-5?. We use the natural warmth of the ground to dump the coolant that has been created by the heat pump when heating the house.
How can the ground energy heat up my house?
The ground is not heating the house what s heating the house is the refrigerant circuit in the heat pump, the ground is just the method of dumping the by-product or the coolant.
What is the difference between an Air Source Heat Pump & a Ground Source Heat Pump?
Ground source dumps the coolant into the ground, whereas the Air source dumps the coolant into the air. This is why an Air source is less efficient than a ground source; the colder the air temperature is the harder it is to dump the heat.
How can I cool my house for free?
We use the ground that s been cooled by the heat pump as the stored coolant. So in theory we can make the house as cool as the ground, but that would be too cold. The reason its free to cool the house is because all we re doing is turning on circulation pumps and fan coils. All these use very little energy so if these is a Solar array cooling they can be free.
Why is Under Floor Heating better than radiators?
UFH is better than radiators because its heating the fabric of the building rather than the air. This enables us to heat a house using constant low tempertures rather than instant hot tempertures.
Does it need to be serviced and/or maintained?
Anything mechanical will need maintenace so yes. We offer a maintenance contract once the installation is complete.