air Source Heat Pumps

Energy from the ambient air temperature

Efficient low cost heating and hot water

Much like the GSHP the ASHP get its energy from the ambient air temperature giving an efficient clean alternative to a conventional gas boiler.


Simple to install located outside the home

As most of the equipment for an ASHP is located outside it uses less space in the home and can (in some circumstances) be a simple replacement for a gas boiler.


24 hour heating and cooling

An ASHP heats the house 24 hours a day so the home is always warm, constantly heating is one method of achieving high efficiencies.

External air source

Harvest the air temperature

Air source heat pumps use the ambient temperature of the outside air to run the heat pump, so no ground pipes or drilling is required.

This will provide all the heating and hot water into any house and is designed to provide 100% of the property s annual heating requirements. External air source heat pumps are a very good approach to heating outdoor swimming pools that are heated in the summer and can help save over 60% of the running costs. This technology will also attract a government grant over a 7 year period.

Government grants are available

Heat pumps can be installed anywhere as there are no flues or harmful emission s to worry about. The ASHP can be installed anywhere to keep it out of the way, in the Garden, on the roof etc, and can be connected the property via zero heat loss ground pipes.

An ASHP will also attract a government grant over a 7 year period. In over 90% of cases the repayment over full 7 year period will more than pay for the supply and installation of the ASHP.

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