Ground Source Heat Pumps

Heating and Cooling from the stored energy in the ground

The most efficient form of heating and cooling

GSHP s are the most efficient form of heating a property as the energy comes from a guaranteed stored heat source, the ground.


Invisible heating and cooling

As the ground collector is buried there no evidence of a GSHP other than the Heat Pump unit itself, and even here there s no flames or fumes to give away the technology.


24 hour heating and cooling

A GSHP heats the house 24 hours a day so the home is always warm, constantly heating is one method of achieving high efficiencies and the same philosophy is adopted when cooling the property.

Tried and Tested technology

Are heat pumps a new technology?

GSHP s generate heat that s capable of heat the whole home as well as all hot water requirements. In addition to this the same heat pump can comfortably heat other things like swimming pools or spas at a fraction of the conventional running cost. GSHP s in reality are just big fridges in reverse, designed to produce heat instead on cold. To dump the cold they use the relative natural warmth of the ground to reheat chilled fluid created while heating the property in winter. This is done via circulating chilled fluid trough the boreholes or ground loops connected to the GSHP.

Heat Pumps are not a new technology; they ve been used for decades in really cold climates like Sweden and Norway, using the same basic design as your fridge, just in reverse. So they rarely go wrong, need little maintenance and have a 20 to 25 plus year life expectancy, what s really interesting is the efficiencies do not drop off with age like a gas boiler would for example.

powerful flexible heat source

Heat pumps can be installed anywhere as there are no flues or harmful emission s to worry about. Indeed if given the opportunity we actively encourage the GSHP is installed away from the house to create more living space. The GSHP can be installed anywhere, in the garage or a separate building and connected the property via zero heat loss ground pipes.

An interesting by product of a GSHP is while heating the house during winter means the ground around the collector or boreholes have become cold, this can be used to cool the whole house in summer for free via the MVHR or Fan coils (see comfort cooling). A GSHP will also attract a government grant over a 7 year period. In over 90% of cases the repayment over full 7 year period will more than pay for the supply and installation of the GSHP.

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