Marepond House

Project Info:

A new 4 bedroom home just south of Guildford, Be Green were recommended to the developer of Marepond House, by the usual route, word of mouth, friend of a friend etc. The owner lived in a large 17th century cottage that had a Ground Source Heat Pump installed that he really liked, same he couldn’t same the same thing about the company that fitted it.

Underfloor Heating
Comfort Cooling

This lovely new house was being built in the very large garden of the next door cottage; trouble was the ground collector for the cottage was located in the garden of the new house. So to get over this what we done was to drill a couple of boreholes for the cottage and use the ground collector for the new property, bit more complicated than it sounds but it all worked out fine in the end.

The 11Kw Ground Source Heat Pump provides all the properties heating and hot water requirements as well as all the coolant for the whole house Comfort Cooling. It heats the whole property giving each room individual control via the UFH installed throughout.

We also installed two Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR) units one for each side of the new property, we would normally install one large unit but the vaulted ceiling in the middle of the house put a stop to that. Each MVHR has a Comfort cooling coil connected to it to give the whole property the background cooling; the coolant comes from the chilled ground around the adopted ground collector.

Lovely house, great project to work on and real nice customer to work with.

Technology Used in Project: