Grove Road

Project Info:

Be Green have been working with Mentmore Homes on a number of developments, one of the latest being a new 6 bedroom property in Beaconsfield, Bucks. After completing our first project for Mentmore of an Air Source Heat Pump we were asked to supply and install a 22kW Ground Source Heat Pump for this stunning new 700mē home.

4kW Solar PV (16 panels)
22kW Ground Source Heat Pump

The Heat Pump provides all the properties hot water requirements, and with some of the bathrooms having rain showers with the main bathroom having a large Jacuzzi installed, all these require a substantial amount of hot water. It heats the whole property giving each room individual control via the UFH installed throughout.

The Heat Pump also provides the property with individual room cooling or as we like to call it Climate Control, or better known as Air Conditioning. We call it Climate Control because there is no need to turn it off in summer, rather than trying to cool down a room its far better to keep it at a pre-set cool temperature. The main reason we can do this is because it costs nothing to run. Each room in the whole house can be cooled individually keeping the whole property cool with zero running costs. This is because the coolant comes as a by-product of heating and providing hot water to the house all winter, so there is a huge amount of naturally accruing coolant in the ground that we use. Add to this the 4kW (16 panels) of Solar PV and the whole cooling system will run for free.

We were fortunate in the summer of 2015 that Mentmore Homes very kindly allowed us to demonstrate the house to our future customers, with the star of the show being the automated cooling system. It all went down very well and we very much look forward to working more with Mentmore and the other local developers that came to see the system working.

Technology Used in Project: