Farriers way

Project Info:

There�s an exciting new Road in Lighthorne with nine exclusive 3, 4 and 5 bedroom properties. Each property incorporates the latest renewable technologies that will quietly and efficiently either heat or cool each home. By combining tried and trusted sustainable technologies the homes will use little or no energy, resulting in a significant reduction of your energy bills and carbon footprint, as well as the impact on the environment.

9 x GSHP
Underfloor Heating
Solar PV & battery storage
Air conditioning
Fan coil units for Cooling

By working closely with Housestyle Countrywide, Be Green has been able to integrate a new generation of renewable technologies into the homes at Farrier�s Way, creating sustainable homes that will be good to your pocket, good for the environment, and perfect for the health and wellbeing of you and your family.

The following information is based on what has been installed into the show house, all the options are available to every home, preferably to be installed before the house is complete.

The house has a constant and gentle air movement through the property with invisible heating and cooling keeping the home warm and toasty in winter and pleasantly chilled in summer, it feels a bit like having all the windows open on a warm spring morning. It�s designed to use as little energy (electricity) as possible as well as generating and storing its own, resulting in low heating bills in winter and free cooling all summer.

Due to the methods used to gently heat cool and ventilate the home, this fashions a delightfully clean and fresh living space, or the perfect in-home living environment. To achieve a truly comfortable home a point needs to be created at where the human body feels the most at ease and comfortable with its surroundings. One that�s never too hot or cold, not too stuffy and with the perfect humidity, this will bring enormous health benefits to all the occupants. Living in a healthy controlled environment conveys a wonderful ambiance throughout the home that amongst other things can help with sleep patterns, concentration levels and generally improves the health and wellness of everyone, especially for asthma and hay fever sufferers. A simple to use one touch thermostat controls the temperatures and air movement in each room.

So the properties at Farrier�s Way have a simple to use sustainable heating and cooling system that will give you that indefinable feel-good satisfaction of knowing you�re doing your little bit to help the environment, whilst reducing your energy bills and providing your family with healthiest possible living environment.

So how does the whole system work?

A Geo-Thermal Ground Collector has been installed under the road, this consists of 7 x 120 metre deep sealed pipes in boreholes and provides all the energy requirements for all the nine properties.

Each of the nine properties has the latest generation of Ground Source Heat Pumps manufactured by Vaillant, the UK�s number one supplier of gas boilers and one of Europe�s largest and most respected renewable manufactures, each house also comes with a 310 litre hot water tank.

The ground floor Insulation consists of 245mm thick polystyrene, this highly insulated panel forms the buildings actual ground floor, along with other measures gives exceptional thermal insulation to every home.

The comfort of the low temperature Underfloor Heating throughout with individual temperature room thermostats ensures each property consistently maintains the highest efficiencies possible whilst constantly (24 hours a day) keeping the home warm and cosy no matter what the weather is doing outside.

Option 1/ Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery,

effortlessly and quietly provides clean fresh filtered air to all the living spaces like bedrooms living rooms whilst extracting air from all the wet smell areas like toilets, bathrooms and kitchens. As the air is extracted it heats up the fresh air coming in, so only warm air enters reducing the heat demand. This air is also filtered so it�s perfect to help with hay fever sufferers. As there is constant air movement throughout the home there is less cleaning as dust is continually removed.

Option 2/ Wardrobe Ventilation

(must have MVHR installed, option 1) gently and continuously blows warm filtered air into the built-in-wardrobes ensuring your clothing always feels and smells fresh and clean.

Option 3/ Background Comfort Cooling

quietly and gently cools the whole house in summer by cooling the incoming air entering the home via the MVHR (option 1) with PV installed this will be free to run in summer.

Option 4/ Air Conditioning

can be installed into any room or indeed the whole house. Along with the UFH these will keep that room or house at any desired temperature you wish; no matter how hot or cold it is outside. In effect this is a Climate Control system and has been installed in the show houses kitchen, living room and master bedroom, again due to the PV panels and battery this will be free to run in summer.

Option 5/ Solar PV Panels

are integrated into the east & west facing roof of the property smartly seamlessly forming part of the roof structure, these will provide free energy from the sun that can be stored in the battery ready for use when the sun goes down. There is also a 20 year grant that come with the PV panels.

Option 6/ Heat Recovery,

because the PV is basically a glass panel the air underneath these panels is 3 or 4 times warmer than outside temperatures. In winter this warm air is taken from here and enters the house via the MVHR making the incoming air very warm, helping reduce further the homes energy consumption.

Option 7/ Solar Battery

backup and support ensuring all the power generated by the PV panels during the day is saved and used at night. These will also provide power to the property in the event of power cuts, these technologies also help future proof the property for new innovations expected from the energy sector.

All of Be Green�s Heating, Comfort Cooling and Climate Control systems have simple to use controls that can be used in each room throughout the home or remotely on a beach via your smartphone.

The whole Be Green system comes with a full 7 year Guarantee, alongside a maintenance contract.

Technology Used in Project: