Air conditioning and Chilled Ceilings

Whole House Climate Control with Comfort Cooling and Air Conditioning

Whole house Background Comfort Cooling

The whole house can have background Comfort Cooling, the air entering the home 24 hours a day via the MVHR is chilled by the ground collector on the GSHP.


Whole house Climate Control with individual Air conditioned rooms

Individual rooms can be cooled the same as Air Conditioning, difference is it s designed to keep a room at a set temperature at all times, or Climate Control.


Very low or Zero running cost for all home Cooling

As the coolant comes from the ground; the air entering the home is chilled, and as cooling individual room s costs are very little, with the installation of only one or two Solar PV Panels, Cooling the home will cost nothing to run, Free Cooling!


quiet gentle cooling

fully automatic

The Be Green Comfort Cooling system gently and quietly cools the whole house by cooling the air entering the property through the MVHR. This is completely automated with the air cooling only coming on when the outside air temperature rises above a set point which is set by the home owner, so it slowly starts cooling the home even if you re not in it.

IThe coolant comes from the stored chilled ground around the boreholes connected to the GSHP (see GSHP). By simply circulating the fluid in the boreholes with the Heat Pump off, the stored coolant can be gathered and sent to a cooling coil connected to the inlet vent on the MVHR or to fan coil units in individual rooms. What s interesting is as the house is being cooled the boreholes are being recharged or re-warmed up ready for next winter; this in turn will make the GSHP more efficient, true system integration.

air movement

Cooling the incoming air will cool the home, but it s not just about cooling the air, increasing air movement on the MVHR is also important so there is physically more air being blown into the home when cooling. As the weather gets warmer in the summer, the air flowing around the house will increase and be cooled automatically, maintaining a comfortable cooling temperature throughout.

Comfort Cooling will struggle to cool the house during the day because of solar gain, but if rooms are shaded, or in early evening it removes the sticky mugginess in the home and helps creates the perfect conditions for everyone to enjoy a good night s sleep. For guaranteed room cooling during the day then Fan Coil units can be installed on an individual room basis, with the same principles be applied as the whole house approach, when the room goes above a set temperature the cooling comes on, true Climate Control.

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